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How Video Can Improve Your Recruiting and Communication Efforts

Session Time: 8:15 am — 9:15 am

Speaker: Brianna Home, Strategic Director, Hansen Belyea

Session Description: Video has made its way into recruitment marketing because it works. One study found that showing job seekers a welcome video from a hiring manager would make them 46% more likely to consider applying for a job and 30% more likely to respond to a recruiter. Unlike job descriptions or copy on a website, a video can show off your company culture in an authentic way, help attract the right talent, and allow your company to stand apart from the competition. In this presentation, we will discuss how to effectively incorporate video into your recruiting efforts. We will go into detail about how to get buy-in from leadership for investing in video, how to utilize this tool with any budget, what to know when creating your own video, considerations for hiring a video contractor, and resources for video creation. We will also discuss the best platforms for hosting your video. The presentation will include our top 5 tips for leveraging your video investment. Finally, we will discuss a case study from one of our clients, showing how they incorporated video into their recruiting efforts and experienced tangible results in the following months.

  • Core Competency #1: Communication, Talent Acquisition
  • Core Competency #2: Business Acumen

Speaker Bio:

Home headshotBrianna believes that for organizations to reach their full potential, marketing and HR teams need to work cohesively toward common goals that align with the vision of the company. As the Strategic Director of marketing and branding agency Hansen Belyea, Brianna has built a rapport with her clients and colleagues by listening to their needs, making results-driven recommendations, and delivering beyond expectations. Hansen Belyea is a full-service marketing agency that has delivered work for a variety of organizations including HR and marketing departments. Hansen Belyea’s work includes strategy, rebranding, website, and video. Having spent over ten years working in-house as a Marketing Director for an international manufacturing company, Brianna has a passion and understanding for how well-positioned communications can effectively achieve company goals. Brianna is also the Past President of the American Marketing Association Puget Sound. Brianna is committed to educating fellow professionals; together with her business partner, Ron Hansen, she created the “Insight Out” event series where she shares her knowledge and provides a platform for exchanging tips and insights with other professionals.