Diversity & Inclusion Committee

D&I Committee Mission

The LWHRA Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Committee provides members with tools, knowledge, and ability to help their organizations promote values and practices of a diverse and inclusive workplace.

D&I Committee Goals (2019)      

Connect: Coffee chat series - in-person and virtual formats

Grow: Case studies on D&I topics highlighting best practices and sharing knowledge - authors could possibly earn SHRM credits for their work and allow avenue for people to “publish.”

Serve: Analyze current LWHRA marketing/social media materials with a D&I lens - are they culturally sensitive & accessible, etc.?

Serve: Conduct a member survey to inform D&I goals

Grow: D&I focused chapter meeting

Grow: Half-day workshop (joint with Workforce Readiness/Legislative)

Connect: Increase collaboration within committee, as well as cross-committees

D&I Committee Members

Lila Williams, Chair | (425) 284-3888
Sean Dixey, Supporting Board Member

Maria Mora, Committee Member

Joseph Marth, Committee Member
Lindsay Raphael, Committee Member


Helpful Links, References & Resources

The following resources have been compiled by the Diversity Committee:

Local D&I Groups/Networks