Leadership Development Committee 

Chair: Leslie Boyce
Supporting Board Members: Forest Woodley, Julie Holmberg

The LWHRA Leadership Development Committee facilitates the Path to Leadership Program for LWHRA Chapter Members interested in getting involved in shaping the success of our chapter, growing their professional network, and enhancing their collaboration/leadership skills.

The Goals of the Leadership Development Committee are:

  • Connect - Connect members with leadership opportunities to enhance their career and help LWHRA continue to be a valuable resource for its members and the communities we serve. 
  • Grow - Act as a resource for chapter members looking for progressively responsible leadership roles within LWHRA.
  • Serve - Interview Committee Chairs and Board Directors for positions as they become available throughout the year.

The Path To Leadership Program

This Program offers a formal path to leadership within LWHRA, providing members the opportunity to interact and collaborate with Committee leaders and Board Directors. You also have the opportunity to feel the satisfaction that comes with helping to strengthen LWHRA and the HR profession.

You will:
  • Connect with other highly motivated HR professionals and help shape the future of LWHRA.
  • Grow your experience while learning new leadership and business skills.
  • Serve your community and make a difference in other HR professionals’ lives.
LWHRA leadership allows you to:
  • Help foster your local HR community.
  • Be 'in the know' relative to LWHRA and SHRM operations and leadership initiatives.
  • Establish lifelong relationships within the HR community - beginning with your fellow LWHRA Leaders.
  • Take advantage of unlimited opportunities to share knowledge and resources with fellow LWHRA Leaders, members, and volunteers.
  • While working toward common goals, LWHRA Leaders have fun!

What is the LWHRA Path to Leadership?
It is a formal path to leadership positions within LWHRA. Start by serving on a committee of your choosing. > As a committee member, you will be considered for positions such as Co-Chairs and Assistant Chairs as they become available. > Committee Co-Chairs and Assistant Chairs will be considered for Committee Chair positions as they become available. > Committee Chairs will be considered for LWHRA Board of Directors positions as they become available.

Path To Leadership members will be invited to participate in quarterly Committee Chair Summits as well as other LWHRA Leadership events throughout the year.

If you are interested in learning more about the LWHRA Path to Leadership, please click on the button below or contact Lindy Fowler, Leadership Development Chair. Our team will be happy to talk with you and learn more about your interest in serving our chapter.