Legislative Committee

Chair: Tedi Andrews
Committee Members: Now Accepting Volunteers!
Supporting Board Members: Smitty Blankston & Hilary James

Because bills passed at the State Legislature affect the liability and responsibility of HR professionals, as well as the bottom line of the companies they work for, the Legislative Committee connects the LWHRA membership with the legislative process. The Committee is responsible for growing understanding by keeping members apprised of important bills moving through federal and state levels; disseminating information on SHRM priorities; and educating LWHRA members on how to contact key legislators and regulators with the goal of giving members a voice in the laws and rules that will impact business. 

  •   Are you intrigued by the State Legislative process? 
  •   Do you want to use technology to follow bills and agency rulemaking? 
  •   Are you interested in developing and promoting programs that connect members with lawmakers? 

Join the LWHRA Legislative Committee and share your ideas—or just your passion—for being involved in bills before they become laws. To find out more about how to get involved and serve our HR community, please click on the “Volunteer” button below or contact Tedi Andrews.



Legislative Information:

Washington State

  • Find your legislators' contact information online. You may also call the legislative hotline (1-800-562-6000) and leave a message for your legislator.
    • The SHRM Washington State Council provides updates on local activities, legislation, and upcoming events. Find out more.
    • Find SHRM updates on State legislation and laws at SHRM's State Insider feature.
    • Follow the progress on Washington State specific bills.
    • Subscribe to free email updates regarding specific bills.
    • Obtain your legislators’ contact information. You may also call the legislative hotline (1-800-562-6000) and leave a message for your legislator.
    • The Association of Washington Business communicates the status of all legislation that affects businesses in Washington State. Read current updates


  • Review and keep up to date on current Federal Legislative activity.
  • Receive SHRM updates on Federal legislation and laws and get involved in the legislative process. Check out SHRM’s position on proposed federal legislation or write to your legislators by utilizing information and templates available in the HR Voice section of the SHRM’s Policy Action Center website:
    • Read and respond to Calls to Action as it related to HR public policy issues
    • Find contact information for your federal elected official
    • Find election information and candidates for your state
    • Sign up to join the SHRM Advocacy Team (A-Team)