Scholarship Committee 

Chair: Linda O'Rourke
Supporting Board Member: Josh Bockstahler

The Scholarship Committee administers the scholarship funds for the chapter. The committee reviews and approves scholarship applications and promotes scholarship availability. Scholarship funds are awarded to provide financial assistance to LWHRA members in pursuit of obtaining or re-certifying approved professional certifications or to attend approved accredited education programs.

How you can help:
  • Continue to support LWHRA programs and other offerings (annual Symposium, chapter meetings, webinars, SIGs, etc.). The revenue generated at these events and activities helps to provide LWHRA the ability to offer scholarship funds to its members.
  • Promote the availability of scholarships to fellow LWHRA members you know who may benefit from some financial assistance. 
  • Consider volunteering with the Scholarship Committee.

If you are interested in assisting LWHRA in assisting it’s members though certification-related  Scholarships, contact Linda O'Rourke.