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The purpose of the Lake Washington Human Resource Association (LWHRA) scholarship fund is to provide financial assistance to LWHRA members in pursuit of obtaining and/or re-certifying professional certification through the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) or the HR Certification Institute (HRCI).

The SHRM Foundation also offers scholarships for continuing education in the HR field. Learn more about their offerings and apply on their website.

Eligible Individuals

Active LWHRA members in good standing are eligible to apply for a scholarship. Members are eligible for one (1) scholarship per the calendar year.

Members are not eligible for LWHRA scholarship funds if full funding is provided from other institutional sources (e.g., employer, educational institution, government programs). Applicants must disclose any partial funds (tuition reimbursement, financial aid, etc.) on their scholarship application.

Scholarships are granted as a one-time award only, however, previous applicants and scholarships recipients are eligible to reapply.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible expenses include SHRM and/or HRCI accredited education classes and conferences, the LWHRA Certification Preparation Program, exam study materials, and exam fees incurred in pursuit of obtaining and/or recertifying for the following certifications:

  • PHR – Professional in Human Resources

  • SPHR – Senior Professional in Human Resources

  • GPHR – Global Professional in Human Resources

  • CA – California Certification for individuals with previous PHR and SPHR certifications

  • SHRM-CP – SHRM Senior Certified Professional

  • SHRM-SCP – SHRM Certified Professional

Apply for an LWHRA Scholarship

Maximum Funding

The maximum scholarship grant available for a SHRM and/or HRCI accredited education class or conference is $300. The maximum scholarship grant available to obtain a certification is to be determined during each testing window based on a combination of the cost of the prep course, study materials, and exam fee.


  • Members must be current on their SHRM professional membership dues and have designated LWHRA as their home chapter. Members with a SHRM student memberships are not eligible to apply for an LWHRA scholarship.

  • Tuition for preparation courses/study groups is provided in support of the LWHRA Certification Preparation Program. Under extenuating circumstances (ex. LWRHA prep course is full or not being offered for that testing window) the Scholarship Committee may consider awarding funds to be used towards a certification prep course not facilitated by LWHRA. Amount awarded will be limited to the cost of the LWHRA’s program.

  • Individuals are eligible for only one (1) preparation course/study group and exam scholarship per certification.

  • HRCI programs must be accredited by HRCI and provide continuing education credit for the specific certification held by the member. Likewise for SHRM programs.

  • Symposium/conference scholarships will be limited to the cost of the conference. No other out-of-pocket expenses will be eligible for reimbursement.

  • Requests for scholarship reimbursement payments must be submitted within 60 days of approval.

  • Scholarships are paid out within the year awarded and do not "roll-over" to a subsequent year.

Selection Criteria

Scholarships will be awarded based on the strength of the applicant's work experience and commitment to a career in human resources.

  • 40% Work experience/progression (HR involvement & future career plans)

  • 40% Volunteer activity (preferably with LWHRA or another SHRM chapter)

  • 20% Financial Need


To apply for a scholarship, complete and submit the LWHRA Scholarship Application Form.

Applications must be received at least two (2) weeks prior to the deadline for enrollment in the course, exam, or conference. As appropriate, applications will be held and considered at the end of an open application period. Otherwise scholarships will be issued on a first come, first served basis.

It is LWHRA's policy to pay vendors/institutions directly. On an exception basis, under extenuating circumstances, LWHRA may consider making reimbursement payments of eligible expenses upon receipt of a completed LWHRA Expense Form and applicable receipts.

Review and Selection Process

Scholarship applications that are complete and received prior to the applicable deadlines will be evaluated by the LWHRA Scholarship Committee who will make the final selection of scholarship recipients. Applicants will be notified by the Scholarship Committee Chair after a decision has been made.

Scholarship Recipient Disclosure Requirements

Names of scholarship recipients may be published on the LWHRA website and in the chapter's electronic newsletter. Recipients may also be asked to provide a testimonial either in writing for the newsletter or publicly at an LWHRA luncheon to promote the scholarship program.

Program Funding

The amount budgeted for this fund is set by the Board of Directors annually.


Apply for an LWHRA Scholarship

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In 2019, the SHRM Foundation will award more than $500,000 in certification, academic and professional development scholarships and grant to HR professionals and students. We encourage all eligible SHRM, student and chapter and state council members to apply for one or more of the scholarships or awards listed below.


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