Symposium Committee

Chair: Karren Eckwortzel
Supporting Board Member: Gary Winchester


The Symposium Committee's strategic initiatives are to: 

  • Provide professional HRCI and SHRM certified classes for LWHRA members.

  • Generate revenue for LWHRA.

  • Promote awareness of LWHRA as the "go to" HR professional organization.

  • Provide networking opportunities for LWHRA members, attendees, speakers, and vendors.

  • Provide leadership and new skills development opportunities for LWHRA volunteers, outside of work and HR roles.

Symposium committee members make a 12-month commitment, starting in March, to meet bi-monthly.


Tasks and goals are divided between:

  • Program and Session management - sources and vets keynote speaker and presenters

  • Marketing management - provides ongoing marketing of the event including newsletter articles, social media posts, brochures, postcards and flyers

  • Sponsor and Exhibitor management - engage and contracts with potential sponsors and vendors

  • Volunteer management - outreach to LWHRA volunteers; organizes, trains and manages volunteers

  • Registration management - organizes and manages registration; trains and manages registration volunteers

  • The Symposium chair provides overall project management of the conference and venue.

Being part of this committee is rewarding and gives volunteers a chance to work closely with other LWHRA members as well as professionals in the community. But, before applying to this committee, volunteers need to understand that it can be time intensive. The Symposium committee must be successful in meeting deadlines to ensure a quality event and budget goals. We work hard but we have fun as well!